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Bie Riel is a people-powered direct-to-consumer brand. It is a marketplace for independent, cultural and creative consumers. Here you can create clothing that inspires you. We are a brand where individual is empowered and celebrated. 


We make fashion in a conscious way to enable personal approach to style. Here on our platform you can explore your personal taste and then we can create tailor-made streetwear pieces uniquely for you. We create clothing that is appropriate for authentic lifestyle. 


Our tech lab-atelier is based in Belgium where all the research and development, design and manufacturing take place. As we care about the environment. We work exclusively with partners who support our sustainable way working. Using the ability of last developments in technology from 3D printing, lasercutting to embroidery we can deliver high quality products at contemporary price. 


We want for people to live in our clothes. We would like them to feel free, experience joy and satisfaction while living their most memorable moments.